Megali Ammos - Mykonos

by Niki Kefala
Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos is just 2 km from Mykonos Town and the Little Venice. For this reason, it was the beach that brought the first tourists on the island, although today is not very popular among the visitors. The name Megali Ammos means 'large sand'. This name originated because before the road was built, the sand extended as far as the base of the hill sides.

Is a beach without any umbrellas and sunbeds because of the fact that there are very strong northerly winds and that's why is a little bit deserted and also because next to the beach is the main road. At the winter, are frequent the school excursions in this place. Because of the winds as you can imagine is suitable for windsurfing and also for scuba divιng. Visitors can find here a few hotels and apartments. You can also find a small traditional tavern located just a few footsteps from the waters edge. Enjoy here fresh, tasty octopus! This beach is a good place to take a quiet -although windy- walk on the beach during the sunset.

During war times this beach was used to bring in black market essential goods from other islands. One of the stories is about the ghost of a pirate named Kapetanaki whose spirit was haunting the beach. But don't be afraid as the story was made up in order to keep people off the beach at night, so that the goods could be unloaded from the boats.

DO: There is a riding school at Megali Amos, so you can ride a horse if you like.
DON'T: At the bottom of the sea, a few meters of the beach, there is a huge plate that makes it a little difficult to swim in here.

Hotels and apartments in Megali Ammos