Agios Stefanos - Mykonos

by Niki Kefala
Agios Stefanos
'Light blue' - Mykonos
'Light blue' - Attribution: Carlos Mejía Greene

Agios Stefanos (St. Stefanos) is located 3km northwest of Mykonos Town. It is a small village named after the chapel on the beach that is built on the edge of the bay. The exact date of its foundation is not known. However various references to manuscripts reveal that it is over 500 years old. The area is growing rapidly in recent years, so you will see a lot of tourists. Come join them! Here there are many old churches, like St. Gioras of Michalovitis and St. Gioras the Spilianos. You can go light a candle, admire the holly pictures and the architecture as well. St. Stefanos' beach is quiet, protected from the winds (yes, here you can enjoy your nice hairstyle) and it offers various water sports facilities. The beach is ideal for families, with a few sunbeds, umbrellas and delicious seafood at the restaurant located at the top of the beach.

Like a postcard

Dress casually, stroll through the narrow streets, take photos of the white houses that look like they have come out of postcards, get a tan under the bright sunshine. When the evening comes, sit at the tavern near the beach, eat lightly and enjoy an evening swim watching the breathtaking view. The area is quiet enough so you don't have many options for fun, but the beautiful scenery is magical! Take your time and relax, after all your are on vacation!

DO: Take your children and play with them in the sandy beach. Your... sand castle will be safe because there are no waves.
DON'T: Think that Mykonos is all about parties. There are places like St. Stefanos where you can -as the music group Depeche Mode put it- enjoy the silence.

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