Visit Beautiful Panormos Beach and Village

by Niki Kefala
'Panormos Beach' - Mykonos
'Panormos Beach' - Attribution: Randy Levine

Panormos beach in Mykonos is famous for the crystal clear waters (not as cold as other beaches). It is located at the northernmost point of the island, just before St. Sosti. Here you can play beach volley for hours. In this beach water sports are top notch! Panormos beach is well organised although it has no sunbeds but only umbrellas. At the two beach bar restaurants located in Panormos beach, you can order your coffee, your drink or dine on the beach. It can only be reached by private vehicle and therefore it does not attract many tourists. Also the charming village of Panormos provides endless opportunities for shopping, sightseeing and delicious Greek meals.

Back in time

The bay area is the first inhabited in the island while excavations unearthed a prehistoric settlement from the Palaeolithic Age dated to 5000 BC. A plethora of unique hotels and villas located on the beach and in the village are available to suit any traveler's needs, and cordial staff members are happy to cater to your every whim. Whether you're looking for a romantic and private escape, vibrant nightlife or a leisurely island getaway, you'll feel equally at home in Panormos. Less crowded than many beaches in Mykonos, Panormos allows visitors to enjoy natural beauty all around, while the narrow streets of the quaint village seemingly provide a look back in time and endless opportunities to experience authentic Greek culture and cuisine.

With beach umbrellas dotting the soft sand, yellow sunlight waking you each morning and the gentle sounds of calm blue waters lulling you to sleep, it's easy to see why Panormos has become a world-class vacation destination in Mykonos.

DO: In the months of July and August and on weekends all summer it is advisable to go in Panormos beach relatively early in the morning because later it is quite difficult to find space to spread out your towel.
DON'T: Go if a strong wind is blowing. It will lift your towel and probably... you as well!

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