Kalafatis - Mykonos

by Niki Kefala
'Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos' - Mykonos
'Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos' - Attribution: NervousEnergy

Kalafatis is located 12km east of Mykonos Town. It is an organized beach with trees which provide natural shade and turquoise waters. Of the nicest on the island. And not without reason. Golden sand and clear blue, make an idyllic scenery. Many hotels and many restaurants are nearby. Windsurfing fun (it's paradise for windsurfers due to the strong winds), relaxation, water sports, good food, you name it! The beach combines everything and is an... adrenaline booster because it is known for its water sports available, as canoeing, jet ski, and much more! Kalafatis is the only beach in Mykonos that is surrounded by trees, and one of the largest on the island. The area is also known for its tourist accommodations but mostly for extreme sports lovers. If you are looking for quietness you are at the wrong place.

Underwater magic

Also on the beach there is a diving school for those who want to explore the magical underwater world. Wear your suit and mask, take your equipment and the deep blue sea is all yours! Athletes from around the world, come here to compete with each other on windsurfing and to show their skills (most of their tricks are very dangerous!). There are several restaurants with tasty seafood and Greek cuisine and to all this add the wonderful view of the beach Kalafatis. If you enjoy small day trips you can take a boat that goes to Drakonissi, an island that has many caves. It has been said that there lives a monk and if you are lucky you can see him. After a day of extreme sports, enjoy the evening to your hotel room's balcony, eating watermelon.

DO: Waves, strong winds, a Jeep, is all that you need in Kalafatis!
DON'T: Avoid Kalafatis if the only thing that you like to do on the beach is lazy sunbathing.

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