Tourlos - Mykonos

by Niki Kefala

Tourlos is a small coastal village. White houses with freshly painted windows and flowers make a magical scenery. Located on the north side of the island, just 2,5 km from the town of Mykonos, it offers plenty of fun choices to the tourists, like taverns and bars. Tourlos is famous for its organized beach. It's a cosmopolitan sandy beach where visitors can enjoy swimming and water sports. Historically, Tourlos beach has been known as one of the quieter, less popular beaches. However, in recent years this has changed with the development of its commercial port and the public yacht harbor. The new port of Mykonos has been built in Tourlos, where, apart from ferry boats, many of the cruise ships that visit Mykonos also approach. Take a look!

On the dock of the bay

If your vacation is primarily boat based, Tourlos is a wonderful option to dock your fishing boat, motor boat or private yacht away from the crowds. If you don't have your own boat don't worry, all of the above can be rented in the area.

Like... paparazzi

In Tourlos, which has a large tourist development, many celebrities have chosen to build luxury accommodations and villas. Take a stroll and maybe you'll meet a famous actor or singer. Not bad at all!

So close

Mykonos Island National Airport is a mere 4 km or 7 minutes by car away from Tourlos beach. Car rentals, motorbike and bicycle rentals, an excellent local bus system, affordable taxi services, boat and yacht rentals and boat tours make your stay on Tourlos convenient with everything you need easily accessible.

DO: Dress up in marine style and enjoy a walk to the port.
DON'T: Don't miss to light a candle at the chapel of St. George Spilianos, north of the harbour, built in the cavity of a rock, which is worth visiting.

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