Paraga - Mykonos

by Niki Kefala
'Paranga Beach /2' - Mykonos
'Paranga Beach /2' - Attribution: Luca Conti

The beach of Paraga is located south of Mykonos Town and it is one of the many picturesque beaches that remain accessible to the wider public. The sand and the rocks in the sea create a natural framework for diving. Also from here you can see Naxos, Paros and ancient Delos every evening when the sun goes behind them, creating a spectacular sunset. Surely this is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos. It is well organized, so you have plenty of choices like a number of restaurants and bars to order drinks, coffee and food on the beach, umbrellas of palm leaves and even a swimming pool under the trees, forming a beautiful summer landscape. Take a swim in the crystal clear water out to the rock formation that stands just a few meters from the shore. A popular pastime for the younger involves scaling the rock and diving into the sea. If you prefer more privacy, head to the end of the beach where you can practice nudism.

Cape fun

Paraga beach actually consists of two beaches, which are separated by a cape. The southern part is quieter, while the northern part is more lively. During July and August, music can be heard from the bars in the evening, creating a party atmosphere, so enjoy the fun until the morning! The waters along the shoreline remain shallow and calm, providing the perfect place for children to splash and play. Water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy jet skis, surfing and yachting. Anyone looking for an adrenaline rush may indulge in scuba diving and windsurfing. A bamboo fence on a portion of the beach provides protection from the wind. The left end of the shoreline boasts a series of large, smooth boulders that also invite climbers.

You can reach Paraga beach on foot from Platis Gialos in about 10 minutes or by boat, your own vehicle or a taxi.

DO: Accommodation options vary from apartments to hotels and villas. Camping is also quite popular on the beach and campers may bring or rent tents.
DON'T: Forget to venture the path up the hill, which offers a different perspective of the view to the sea and the sunset.

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